Determine the Signs and Symptoms of Dementia

When Caring for people with Dementia, it is vital to Determine the Signs and symptoms of Dementia

Generally Dementia will likely have one or more of the following

  • General differences in the persons mood,state of mind and attitude
  • Inability to recognize or determine basic things ( e.g. what a spoon is for or hairbrush )
  • Speech and vocabulary disturbance
  • Trouble in recalling, struggling to converse and understand new thoughts and ideas
  • Overall issues with motor skills/activities such as trouble in getting dressed
  • Keep in mind some motor skills difficulties are induced by non-associated Dementia impairments like arthritis, stroke or physical impairment

Usually in the earlier stages of dementia the individual will encounter lapses in their memory and incapable to think naturally. Some other behavioral issues can develop a unique challenges that needs to be catered within aged healthcare facilities.

Nursing Skills for Addressing Challenging Behaviors in a Person with Dementia


Memory Characteristics of Elderly with Dementia

Memory is the capacity to hold, keep, remember information and facts, store memories and procedures. This tends to be a persons abilities and routines. Theoretically memory is about encoding, keeping and retrieving information.

The method of recalling is obviously linked to learning. This is our capacity to discover completely new thoughts because of memories and these are saved within memory. If individuals discover new facts and information, the memory as a structure keeps the information for future utilization.

Memory is a system of data storage for a considerable period of time and the ability to retrieve and remember these thoughts when needed.

Many experts have said that learning and memory are the center of our knowledge and skills. The memory enable us to organize and ponder regarding the existing and previous memories while we look to consider the future of our day-to-day lives.

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